Housing solutions to achieve a luxury lifestyle

A new and upcoming development near Farrer Park MRT Station known as Sturdee Residences condo are offering the answer to the accommodation needs of individuals or families that have become accustomed to a luxury lifestyle that involves utilization of all the available modern facilities in order to grow. Not only does one want to make the best of these facilities but also want privacy from time to time in the safe abode of their homes.

Freedom of movement

At the same time you would like to have yourself located such that you can freely move about the city. It would be disappointing to be rooted at a place because of the time and fuel you have to spend to make your way to a happening place in the city. Sturdee Residences aims at taking care of that thanks to the prime address of its location. Having to think twice about setting out for your favourite destination because of the distance you will have to cover will not be one of your concerns if you opt for the condominiums at Sturdee Residences. This is because not only can you board trains from Farrer Park MRT Station but also from the upcoming Bendeemer MRT Station which will be completed by 2017.

Quality of life

Sturdee Residences tries to account for a high quality of life through the introduction of various facilities for the residents. A noteworthy one is of the entertainment facilities: BBQ pavilion. If you feel up for it, there are entertainment facilities like the BBQ pavilion where you can spend the day with your family or friends alike to make delightful food and enjoy. Such a facility is not readily available everywhere but the developers behind SturdeeResidence8 want to make sure that your entertainment needs are satisfied.